Warringa Piper P214 (AI) (PP) sold at Wodonga Hereford National May 2020 to PA & RE Reid of Berridale. NSW.

Warringa Piper P214

Warringa Piper P214 (AI) (PP) is for sale as Lot 103 at the Wodonga Hereford National Online Show & Sale on Thursday 14 May 2020.

Piper P214 is a stylish, moderate framed Homozygous Polled Sire. He is in the top 10% for EMA, top 15% for 200 & 400 Day Weight and top 20% for Scrotal and Carcase Weight. He is parent verified and free of all known genetic conditions. Pigment 100/100. He was used in 2019 to cover heifers after AI and is now a proven Sire.

Piper P214 is sired by Warringa Lawman L26 (PP) who sold at Wodonga Hereford National Show and Sale 2017 to Lynton Vogel, Lowanna Park, Cudgewa. Vic. His dam is a very good daughter of Wodonga Grand Champion Days Director H202 (PP), she is in the top 1% of the breed for MILK with a BREEDPLAN EBV of +25.

His maternal brother Warringa Quincy Q211 (AI) (PP) sold as a 10 month old calf in January 2020 to Newcomen Herefords. Ensay, Vic for $12000.