Breeding Philosophy

Always on the lookout

Always on the lookout

The Warringa herd calves in March and April and is managed under commercial conditions. Cattle are selected for function and productivity with particular emphasis placed on temperament, moderate birth weight, milk, growth and carcase.

The Warringa Herd was horned until 2009, when poll genetics were introduced through AI. Today the herd is a mixture of both horned and poll genetics.

Peas in a Pod

Peas in a Pod! Breeding true to form

All animals are Breedplan recorded. All traits are recorded including birth weight. Ultra sound scanning for EMA and IMF% is done annually with the data being submitted to ABRI. This provides Warringa with the benefit of selecting superior genetics and assists clients in their selection process.

Warringa has now introduced genomics into their management and selection process, they DNA test every animal with at least a SNP (LD), they also test all animals for all known genetic conditions and for homozygous and heterozygous polledness. These tests ensure the accuracy of their pedigrees and that there are no genetic conditions within their herd and to ensure their herds genomics are included in their Single Step Breedplan EBV’s.

Col_5StarWarringa Herefords 5 star rating under the Completeness of Performance Herd Rating System ensures EBV accuracy and confirms their recording of comprehensive performance information. Thus providing their clients with confidence that their EBVs are accurate and reliable.


To achieve their breeding objectives, Warringa Herefords use superior genetics through artificial insemination. Bulls exhibiting breed leading genetics, traits and indexes for the maternal profit drivers of ease of calving, fertility and gestation length together with growth and carcase quality including EMA and IMF are used in the program along with a selection of natural sires on farm.
Having based their breeding program on the use of artificial insemination, each year Warringa join all females on a fixed time AI program. They then either reset the females with synchronisation devices to re-join them by AI on their next cycle, if they have not held to the first insemination. If they decide not to re-synchronise them, then the day after they are fixed time AI’d they put a bull with the females for 4 weeks only. In either case if they are not pregnant within the 4 week period they are culled after pregnancy testing which is conducted by ultrasound about 10-14 weeks after the AI date. All heifers are joined under the same fixed time AI program to calve at 2 years.
Warringa is EU Accredited, a member of MLA and LPA with a  Farm Biosecurity Plan and a J-Bas Score of 8. All bulls are tested for Pestivirus and fertility guaranteed.

Superior Genetics

Matron of the herd

Matron of the herd