From their establishment in 1991 Warringa Herefords bred Horned Herefords until 2010 when they introduced Poll Hereford genetics. Since 2019 they have bred solely Poll Herefords and endeavour to use only Homozygous Polled genetics through Fixed Artificial Insemination exclusively.

In recent years Warringa has implemented a policy to introduce superior genetics by the use of artificial insemination. Warringa endeavour to obtain semen in outstanding young sires that have the genetic merit to obtain their breeding objectives and have been used in their breeder’s herds. This gives them direct linkage with the breeder’s herd and any other herds that have used the same bull.

AI Sires

  • Churchill Red Thunder 133J (IMP USA) (PP)

Red Thunder 133J is another exciting young sire out of the Churchill Herefords herd in America. He has an impeccable combination of performance, pedigree and phenotype.

His USA EPD profile is exceptional with low birth weight, curve bending weaning weight, outstanding carcase traits, high fertility and excellent udders.

His Australian BREEDPLAN EBV’s place him in the top 1% for Eye Muscle Area (EMA), top 5% for Milk, SSR, NSR, SBM and NBT indexes, top 10% 200 Day Weight, Rib Fat and IMF (Marbling), top 15% Scrotal Size & Carcase Weight and top 20% Birth Weight and 400 Day Weight.

Red Thunder 133J is Homozygous Polled.

  • Wirruna Real Deal R105 (AI)(PP)

Real Deal R105 is an attractive son of Kalimna with exceptional genetic potential and performance data for all traits and indexes. Particularly for fertility, calving ease, gestation length, carcase quality and marbling.

He is in the top 1% of the breed for Days to Calving, IMF (Marbling), SSR, NSR, SBM & NBT indexes, top 5% Calving Ease DTRS, Gestation Length, 200 & 400 Day Weights, Scrotal Size, Carcase Weight, and Rib Fat, top 10% 600 Day Weight, Eye Muscle Area (EMA) and Rump Fat, top 15% Calving Ease DIR.

Real Deal R105 is Homozygous Polled.

  • Yavenvale Red Hot R501 (AI)(PP)

Red Hot R501 is a young stud sire bred by and used in the Pearce’s Yavenvale herd. He has an excellent spread of performance data and genetic potential, particularly for calving ease, gestation length and fertility together with exceptional curve bending growth, carcase quality, marbling (IMF) and all breed indexes./p>

He is in the top 1% of the breed for 200 Day Weight, Milk & Carcase Weight, Eye Muscle Area, Rib & Rump Fat, SSR, NSR, SBM & NBT Indexes, top 5% 400 & 600 Day Weights, Scrotal Size and Marbling (IMF), top 10% Days to Calving.

R501 is Homozygous Polled.

  • Churchill Broadway 858F (IMP USA) (PP)

Broadway is an exciting young sire who is generating great demand in the US. He combines appearance, performance, data and pedigree. Broadway has been used by some of the most prominent herds in the breed and his progeny are excelling.

His USA EPD profile is exceptional being one of the highest curve bending bulls in the USA. Broadway provides us with not only an outcross pedigree but exceptional phenotype and performance.

He is in the top 1% for 200 Day Wt, top 5% 400 Day Wt, SSR, SBM & NBT Indexes, top 10% 600 Day Wt, Carcase Wt & NSR Index, top 15% Scrotal & IMF and top 20% EMA.

Broadway 858F is Homozygous Polled.

  • Wirruna Quambone Q135 (AI) (PP)

Quambone Q135 is son of Techno son with curve bending growth, positive calving ease, short gestation length, outstanding carcase traits and is out of a proven dam.

Quambone also provides us with an outcross pedigree and outstanding performance.

He is in the top 1% for Milk, Carcase Wt, IMF, SSR, NSR, SBM & NBT Indexes, top 5% Calv Ease DTRS, 400 & 600 Day Wts, Days to Calving & EMA, top 10% 200 Day Wt & Rib Fat, top 15% CE DIR and top 20% Gestation Length.

Quambone Q135 is Homozygous Polled.


Warringa chose Powerhouse P499 as he is a young bull used by Yavenvale Herefords who bred him and also for the powerful performance he offers and his outstanding set of BREEDPLAN EBV’s.

He is in the top 1% 400 & 600 Day Wt, Carcase Wt, EMA, IMF, SSR, NSR, SBM,  & NBT Indexes. Top 5% 200 Day Wt, top 10% Scrotal, top 15% Mature Cow Wt and Retail Beef Yield.

Powerhouse P499 is also Homozygous Polled.


Warringa chose Promise P239 as he is a young bull used by Wirruna Poll Herefords who bred him and also for his overall performance and his excellent set of BREEDPLAN EBV’s.

He is in the top 1% for 400 Day Wt, Scrotal, Days to Calving, Carcase Wt, IMF, SSR, NSR, SBM & NBT Indexes, top 5% 600 Day Wt & Milk, top 10% 200 Day Wt, Rib Fat and Rump Fat, top 15% Birth Wt, top 20% CE Dir, Gestation Length and Docility.

Promise P239 is also Homozygous Polled.

  • NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D (IMP USA( (ET) (PP)

Endure 173D is building a reputation as one of the hottest Sires in the Hereford Breed.

He is fast approaching 1,000 registered calves in the USA and is one of the highest performance sires. In the latest run of American Hereford Society BREEDPLAN, Endure 173D holds top 5% across 7 Direct Traits, WW, YW, SCF,  M&G, CW, REA and Marbling and all 3 Indexes, with further top 10% across SC< Milk & Udder Suspension.

His Australian progeny have him in the top 5% 200 & 400 Day Weight, Carcase Wt, Docility and SSR Index, top 10% Milk, IMF, NSR & SBM Indexes, top 15% 600 Day Weight & EMA and top 20% Scrotal, Retail Beef Yield & NBT Index.

True performance, striking phenotype, incredible progeny and the backing of generations of some of the best cows in the Poll Hereford breed and as he is also Homozygous Polled it made Endure 173D an easy choice for Warringa.

  • Wirruna Matty M288 (AI)(ET)(PP)

Wirruna Matty M288(AI)(ET)(PP) is the first bull to be offered under the Herefords Australia Super Sires program. He was chosen by Warringa to assist to lift intramuscular fat and offers a well balanced, high performance opportunity to achieve rapid genetic gain. Matty has calving ease, bends the growth curve, is slightly above average for milk and is good on carcass traits, not only marbling but also eye muscle area and positive fat. Matty is also Homozygous Polled.

Matty ranks in the top 1% of bulls in the breed for marbling, carcass weight, docility and the Supermarket, Grassfed and EU Indexes.

  • Yavenvale Masterpiece M100 (AI)(PP)

Yavenvale Masterpiece M100 (AI)(PP) was sold by Yavenvale at their 2018 sale for $20000 to Ian Bjorksten.

Warringa chose Masterpiece M100 for his overall performance, he has an excellent set of Breedplan EBV’s and ranks in the top 1% for IMF(marbling), top 5% for Carcase Weight, Rib Fat, Rump Fat, top 10% for 400 Day Weight, 600 Day Weight, Days to Calving, EMA, top 20% for 200 Day Weight and Scrotal Circumference. Masterpiece M100 is also ranked in the top 5% for all Indexes, Supermarket Index, Grass Fed Steer Index, Grain Fed Steer Index and EU Index.

Masterpiece M100 is also Homozygous Polled.

  • Warringa Lawman L26 (PP)

Lawman L26 (PP) is a son of Nolaroo Justice (AI) (P) and out of Cannawigra G22 Priscilla J35 (P). Lawman L26 (PP) is a heifers first calf. He is also Homozygous Polled. Warringa think so much of this outstanding young sire they have used him to join their yearling heifers.

Lawman L26 is an outstanding young Stud Sire Prospect. Lawman is PP 98% Homozygous Polled. He is moderate in frame, has a magnificent carcase and hind quarter, lovely deep red coat, 100+ eye pigment in both eyes and carries himself very proudly on a very sound structure.

Lawman L26 brings outcross genetics to Warringa, he has joined 5 stud heifers naturally in 2016 and Warringa plan to retain 100 straws of semen for in herd use only (semen has been collected), he will sell with 200 straws of semen. Lawman L26 has been entered in the Herefords Australia Young Sire Program. He is in the top 10% for 400 Day wt. and EMA, top 15% for 200 Day Wt. Carcase Wt. and Retail Beef Yield and top 25% for IMF.

  • BBSF 101N WRANGLER 29W (P)

Warringa Herefords purchased the Australian semen and marketing rights in Wrangler whilst in Canada for the recent World Hereford Conference. Warringa’s interest in Wrangler was prompted when we visited Crittenden Brothers, GHC Hereford Stud at Imperial in Saskatchwan. His calves and maiden heifers were outstanding and shone out like beacons in the Crittenden Brothers magnificent herd.

Warringa will use Wrangler over our Storm, National, Rambo and Tom Thumb females.

Wrangler has not only produced magnificent cattle for Crittenden Brothers but also for the Brost Family. A yearling heifer calf by Wrangler shown by Crittenden Brothers at the 2011 Agribition Exhibition in Canada sold for $14,000.00 being the highest price heifer sale.
At the 2014 Agribition Exhibition in Canada three Wrangler sons won their classes.

His progeny were also the high selling cattle at the Brost sale in 2012. Since the World Hereford Conference visit we believe his genetics have been sought out from around the world.

Wrangler is Homozygous Polled. Warringa had the University of Queensland genetically test  Wrangler semen. The test results proved Wrangler genotype to be PP with a 99% accuracy.

  • Ironbark Rambo C225 (AI)(H)
Ironbark Rambo C225 (AI)(H)

Ironbark Rambo C225 (AI) (H) was purchased by Karoonda Herefords of Gelantipy for $16,000. He has been used by Karoonda Herefords, Ironbark Herefords and Kaludah Herefords.  His dam is one of the outstanding breeding cows in the Ironbark Herd.

At Warringa Herefords we used him over our heifers and he has produced many magnificent calves.  They are thick, muscular and have outstanding carcase quality.

He is in the top 1% Retail Beef Yeild, top 5% EMA, top 10% 600 Day Weight, Mature Cow Weight & Carcase Weight, top 15% EU Index, top 20% 400 Day Weight, Supermarket Index and Grass Fed Index.

  • Allendale National W168 (P)
Allendale National W168 (P)

Allendale National W168 (P) enjoys legend status amongst the Hereford Breed.  He was purchased for $85,000 at Dubbo and has produced magnificent off-spring for many studs throughout Australia and around the world.

He has breed leading performance figures and is a trait leader for Gestation Length, 200 Day Weight, 400 Day Weight, 600 Day Weight, Milk, Scrotal Size, EMA and IMF.  He is in the top 1% 200 Day Weight, 400 Day Weight, Carcase Weight and Supermarket index; top 5% Gestation Length, 600 Day Weight, Milk, Scrotal Size, EMA, Grass Fed index, Grain Fed index and EU index; top 10% Mature Cow Weight, IMF.


We used WIRRUNA DAFFY D1 (P) to join our Allendale National W168 heifers.  He has breed leading performance figures and is a trait leader for Scrotal Size, Retail Beef Yield and IMF.  He has the top Breedplan value for Scrotal Size and EMA.  He is in the top 1% Carcase Weight, Rib Fat, Retail Beef Yield, Supermarket index, Grass Fed index, Grain Fed index and EU index; top 5% Calving Ease Direct, Rump Fat, IMF;  top 10% Days to Calving; top 15% Birth Weight.

Home Sires

Days Director H202 (P)

Days Director H202 (P)

Director was purchased by Warringa Herefords together with Karoonda Herefords at the Hereford National, Wodonga, May 2014 for $20000.

Director was Junior Champion Poll Hereford Bull and went on to be judged Grand Champion Poll Hereford Bull.

Director has magnificent quality of carcase, depth of body and capacity. Beautiful dark coat, 100 % + eye pigment and picture perfect cosmetics.

Directors EBV’s are outstanding, low birth weight, average milk, excellent growth, great scrotal circumference and superb carcase.

Director is homozygous polled.