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Gippsland Performance Herefords

Warringa Herefords are pleased to announce they are a foundation member of Gippsland Performance Herefords.

Gippsland Performance Herefords is a partnership formed between five Gippsland Herefords Breeders;-

Charellen Poll Herefords;
Mundook Herefords;
Tarwin Poll Herefords;
Warringa Herefords, and
Willack Poll… Continue reading

Warringa Rumpole R206 (AI) (PP) – Herefords Australia Super Sire

Warringa Herefords are pleased to introduce Herefords Australia SUPER SIRE:-                         

Warringa Rumpole R206 (AI) (PP).

Rumpole R206 is a super young bull with tremendous genetic potential. He has presence, excellent structure and an outstanding set of BREEDPLAN EBV’s.

He… Continue reading