Rumpole R206 Tops Gippsland Performance Bull Sale

Herefords Australia Super Sire Warringa Rumpole R206 (AI) (PP) sold for the top price of $14000 to Bluey Commins of Nunniong Hereford Stud. Ensay. Vic at the inaugural Gippsland Performance Herefords Online Bull Sale held on AuctionsPlus on 1 September 2021.

Warring Rumpole R206 (AI) (PP)

All four Warringa Bulls sold to a top of $14000 and an average of $7850 to repeat and new clients.

Warringa would like to thank their clients for their support and wish them well with their purchases. Warringa would also like to thank their agents and consultants for their support, advice and assistance in setting up the inaugural sale and providing their services to ensure all data and information on the bulls was available.

‘S’ Drop Warringa Hereford Bulls will be listed for sale at the 2nd Annual Gippsland Performance Herefords Online Bull Sale on AuctionsPlus on 7 September 2022.