Barassi & his Sons “Kicking Goals” at Warringa Herefords

Warringa Herefords principal Bill Kee reports many purchasers and interested visitors attended Warringa Herefords Stock & Land Beef Week Field Day at Yarram, Victoria on Friday 30 January, 2015. (Day 4)

The first sons of their stud sire Bowmont Z458 Victory Blend F (AI) (H) , who they have affectionately nicknamed “ Barassi” after the Australian Football Legend Ron Barassi who wore number 31, as the bulls lot number when purchased was 31, were available and keenly sought after. Two were purchased for Stud duties and two by a local commercial Angus breeder.

Four sons were sold to a top of $7000 twice and averaged $6000, one being a 10 month old calf, not yet weaned.

Barassi, who has been admired by many visitors to Warringa Herefords, was also sold to the partnership to Sandbah Herefords of Yanakie, Victoria and Mundook Herefords of Nicholson, Victoria for $8000. Warringa Herefords will retain Barassi until he completes his services this season, they will also retain a semen interest for in herd use.

Many regular clients and visitors attended but Bill was extremely pleased with the number of new visitors to Warringa Herefords, many stating their attendance was because of the introduction of Polled Hereford genetics into the Warringa herd.

Particularly pleasing was the attendance of Damian Moore of Yarram, Vic who purchased 2 bulls to a top of $6000 and average of $5000 to join to his Angus cows. Damian trades in partnership with his wife and parents at Yarram. They have a dairy farm and also a substantial beef herd which is predominantly Angus. They have been very successful with their black cattle but Damian believes the introduction of Warringa Hereford genetics will add volume, frame and added carcase quality.

Bill and Minnie thank the purchasers of their bulls for their confidence in their Warringa Hereford genetics and the Hereford breed in general and wish them well and every success with their purchases and breeding programmes. They also thank all who visited for their interest, comments, and assisting to make the day an outstanding success and memorable event for all at Warringa Herefords.

Warringa Herefords still have one bull for private sale and will enter one bull for sale at The Hereford National Show and Sale at Wodonga in May 2015.

Details of sales:

Bowmont Z458 Victory Blend F (AI)(H) sold for $8000 to Sanbah Herefords, Yanakie, Vic and Mundook Herefords, Nicholson, Vic.

Warringa Jackaroo J35 (H) sold for $7000 to Phillip (Bluey) Commins, Nunniong Herefords, Ensay, Vic.

Warringa Kingston K16 (H) sold for $7000 to Phillip (Bluey) Commins, Nunniong Herefords, Ensay, Vic.

Warringa Justice J31 (H) sold for $6000 to PH, NF, DP & ML Moore, Yarram, Vic.

Warringa Jarrah J24 (H) sold for $4000 to PH, NF, DP & ML Moore, Yarram, Vic.