Warringa Herefords receives 4½ Star “Completeness of Performance” Rating

BW_4_5StarWarringa Herefords are excited to receive a 4½ star rating in the “Completeness of Performance” herd rating assessment.

Warringa Herefords are one of only 15 herds in Australia to achieve a 4½ star rating or better. The highest rating possible is 5 stars and only 2 Hereford studs have achieved this rating

Warringa Herefords believe that the 4½ star rating acknowledges their belief in and dedication to Breedplan performance recording and provides an indication to clients of the reliability of their animals EBVs.  The “Completeness of Performance” star rating system provides seed stock and commercial producers with an assessment of how much performance data has been submitted to Breedplan by a herd.  The star rating for a herd is calculated based on the proportion of calves within the herd born in a fixed 5 year period that have performance recorded for each trait.  The star rating summarises the relative “Completeness” of their performance information.

Warringa Herefords believe that it is essential to record all traits for their cattle and that their 4½ star rating provides their clients and prospective purchasers with an assurance that the EBVs for Warringa Herefords have high accuracy and therefore reliability.