Stock and Land Beef Week Field Day – 2019

Warringa Herefords will again participate in the Stock and Land Beef Week Field Days. We look forward to welcoming our clients, friends and visitors for the first time to our new location, ‘Wandana’ 440 Nicholson – Sarsfield Road. Sarsfield. Victoria. ‘Wandana’ is located 10 km East of Bairnsdale. Our open day is Tuesday, 29 January 2019 from 9am to 5pm.

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Warringa Herefords have three rising two year old bulls for sale priced from $4000. Two bulls are by Days Director H202 (PP) who has bred very well at Warringa, the other bull is sired by imported Canadian Sire BBSF 101N Wrangler 29W (PP), both Sires are Homozygous polled.

Warringa believe these three impressive young sires have great potential, one is Homozygous polled and one has excellent maternal traits and Breedplan EBV’s to suggest he is a sire suited to join heifers. All Warringa cattle including these three young bulls have been DNA tested and parent verified. They have also been tested and cleared of any known genetic conditions. They have also been tested for Homozygous and Heterozygous polledness.

Warringa is EU accredited, a member of MLA and LPA with a farm Biosecurity Plan and a J-Bas score of 8. All bulls have been tested free from Pestivirus and are fertility guaranteed.

Warringa offers free delivery anywhere in Victoria.

We extend a warm welcome to all to attend to inspect our cattle and enjoy our hospitality.

For more information go to Sales on our webpage or contact Bill on 0407 825 555.