BBSF 101N WRANGLER 29W – Homozygous Polled. (PP)

Warringa recently had semen from BBSF 101N Wrangler 29W genetically tested by the University of Queensland and the results proved Wrangler is genotype PP with a 99% accuracy. (Homozygous Polled PP)

By using a Homozygous Polled Sire (PP) over horned cows the resulting offspring will all be Hetrozygous Polled, being all either polled or scurred. If the resulting polled or scurred heifers ( ie. 100% of heifers) are then mated with a homozygous polled sire (PP) then all offspring will be either polled or scurred, with 50% of them being homozygous polled (PP) and no longer carrying the horned gene.

This result makes Wrangler a valuable bull for horned herds wanting to introduce polled genetics, providing a guarantee that the progeny will not be horned but will be either polled or scurred.

Wrangler semen is available @ $70 + GST per straw.